Sponsors (current & past)

 A large part of our research activities are currently and also in past been supported (and graciously appreciated!) by

  • EC funding (NextTTA, DECOS, ReSISTDBench)
  • Microsoft; Microsoft PhD Fellowship
  • German DFG (GK Mixed Mode Systems, GK Ubiquitous Computing) 
  • US National Science Foundation NSF 
  • US Dept. of Defense DARPA 
  • US Office of Naval Research ONR
  • US Naval Air Warfare Center NAWC
  • US Air Force Office of Scientific Research AFOSR 
  • NASA 
  • Boeing 
  • Intel 
  • Saab 
  • Volvo Research Foundation 
  • AlliedSignal/Honeywell 
  • SSF, TFR, NuTeK, Vinnova 
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