Internship Positions:

In general these positions open only if a funded research project exists at that moment to support them. Given the timeline of visa formalities for foreign applicants, I will only respond to queries coming over the January-March timeframe - not earlier, not later!

A complete CV material and short write-up about your plans + demonstration of interest/alignment with the DEEDS activities is needed. Generic applications with generalized statements and just buzz-words about topic areas should not be expecting a response!

A regular salary stipend is provided that helps defray travel and accommodation/living costs for the duration of the internship (roughly 1400 Euros/month after taxes) - we do NOT provide for any additional or explicit travel support.


The only forum we have for assessing your application is via your credentials, experience and especially your statements about your research directions. Needless to say, evaluating your application via this limited forum is a heuristic process where I definitely put more weight to your experiences, and especially if the applicant communicates a coherent and meaningful research interest that *aligns* with the general interest of the group. Of course, I do not expect a fully detailed plan charted out or a perfect match to our group interests, though your efforts behind perusal of the group's interests/publications and then expressing a coherent alignment to that has more value to me than your grades etc.

Generic and gushing statements on how wonderful science is, how distributed/OS/SW/embedded systems is what you've always wanted to do research in and at what early age your burning desire to pursue Computer Science manifested itself is (sometimes) amusing to read; unfortunately the more such content-free poetic ramblings I see in your application or emails, the less attention I will devote to your application!  

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